Spanish transcription in Houston, Texas

Jessica Hartstein ATA-Certified Translator offering Transcription services

Transcription-Translation & Forensic Transcription-Translation (FTT)

Do you need court certified Spanish transcription in Houston, Texas? 

Spanish transcription is where interpreting meets translation. You need someone experienced with the subtleties of spoken language, who is also an expert translator, committed to the detailed task of producing a flawless 3 or 4-column transcription-translation product. 

The 3-column deliverable includes the speaker, the transcription, as well as the translation. This is the perfect job to marry my ATA-Certification with my Texas Master Licensed Court Interpreter credential. A 4-column deliverable includes the addition of a time-stamp. 

This type of transcription-translation work is often done for: Police interviews, depositions, telephone calls, focus groups, market research, and more.

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